Some of the works presented on this site are available for sale. Some of the preparatory studies too can be bought. For a price list, please contact the artist directly through :

Icon of the crucifixion

Icon of the Crucifixion, Sold

This large icon (1m x 73cm) is inspired by works of the Italian primitives (Cimabue, Giunta Pisano). Christ on the cross is surrounded by Mary, his mother, and by Saint John. Lime with a walnut border and three oak battens at the back. Egg tempera on gesso and gilding with gold leaf (24 carat gold).

Icône de la Sainte Face inspirée par la Sainte Face de Laon

Icon of the Holy Face after the Holy Face of Laon

37 cm x 34,5 cm, egg tempera on a gessoed lime panel, available for sale